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Where have I been?

Hey Everyone,

Life sure can just keep going and going, while you live into your fullest self or not.. life will keep going while you live into your shadows of insecurity and self doubt... it keeps going....

When I reflect on 2022 it was a year of EVERYTHING- highs and lows- strong self belief and severe self doubt.

I was living the human experience- I spent a lot of time buying into the lies that my brain likes to feed me, the quite whispers that "no one wants to hear what I have to say" - or the shadow that whispers "You do not have authority to speak on these things"- "You are going to say it the wrong way or say something wrong and someone is going to be offended". The human brain can be so critical, so mean- because it is intolerant of feeling uncomfortable emotions.

So I had to spend even more time building my belief that " I am exactly the person who needs to share what I have learned with my people". I had to coach my brain that in this human experience of 36 years I have learned a lot, and I have a story to share AND my people want to hear what I have to say. I had to practice the belief "My people will find me, and my people need what I have to offer".

My Word this year in 2023 is Resilience, Uncomfortable Emotions Resilient- I want to make sure I am taking every opportunity to live my life the way that I want, and on that journey I am sure to encounter every very uncomfortable emotion and I want to become Uncomfortable Emotions Resilient. I do not want to be stopped, or slowed down because of my intolerance to feel uncomfortable emotions of fear, rejection, and scrutiny.

It is a scary thing to change your life, to change your career, and make your life more public by putting yourself out in the world as a Life Coach that can help people, even though you yourself is STILL a human. Not just any Life Coach but an imperfect, perfectly flawed, and brain tortured Life Coach.

I know how it feels to constantly combat the lies your brain tells you- I know how it feels to have to teach your brain how to be quiet, to teach yourself that You are actually in fact good enough.

I was not born with Self Confidence, I was not born with Secure Self Worth, I was not born with Secure Attachment traits, I was not born with an abundant Money Mindset, I was not born with the belief system that the world is abundant and wants me to have everything that I have ever wanted.

ha! I wasn't even born with just a "positive" mind- I had to work for that too.

I was born with the beliefs that "life is always hard" "You have to always work to earn your value or worth" "Fake it until you make it" "take care of others before yourself" "money is limited and you will never have enough" "You are not thin enough" "You are not pretty enough" "You are too needy" "your want too much" "You are too emotional" "You will never belong"

and I could go on... but you get the point

So I know what it takes to work for that life, for that brain, for the mind, body and soul that believes they are Good Enough, that they are worthy, and that they can go after the life that they want, AND the universe will support them.

I know the effort and energy that goes into reshaping your brain and your core beliefs about yourself and your life AND I am so thankful I found the tools to do it, because my life is so much better with these skills, with this knowledge and I will forever do this work. I will forever help other people learn how to do it for themselves.

Here is to 2023 and becoming Uncomfortable Emotions Resilient

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