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Being my own Valentine!

Dear Me,

Happy Valentine’s Day love! I love you more than I ever have! You have grown so much this year, you’ve been brave when you wanted to curl up in fear, you’ve been bold when you wanted to hide, you’ve healed again, and again, you’ve showed up when you felt like falling apart, you have taken big risks when you felt like staying secure, and you have never taken better care of me now than ever before. Thank you for learning to love every part of us, thank you for holding space for our pain, discomfort, grief, depression, anxiety and any other uncomfortable emotions. Thank you for doing all of this while working and taking care of two children and making sure they are loved. You make mistakes as a mom, and you always apologize when you are aware, and you give yourself grace and compassion for being a human being instead of holding us to an unattainable bar of perfection that we never could reach. So thank you for taking the pressure off of us. Thank you for having more fun, for letting things go and for doing things that show me we are important too.



Dear Mom and Dad

Thank you for always getting me flowers and making sure they come from my son- helping him to show love and appreciation for me. Thank you for the cookies, cupcakes and the delicious dinner and always making I know I’m not alone and that I have a village. You are appreciated. I know our journey has been a journey but I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else.

We love you,

Amber, Andy, Abby

Dear Abby and Andy,

Thank you for loving me and allowing me to love you! Teenager and Toddler- both are mood roller coasters but I wouldn’t want to be emotionally attacked and loved by any other kids 😅🤣 thank you for being you!

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