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LOVE & NO Regrets

Dear Ladies,

Oh Sweet Sweet Amber! There is one thing I’ve ALWAYS done better than anything else take CHANCES on love!

I never EVER wanted to live with ANY regrets! You know the movie “He’s just not that into you”?! Yeah well I’m definitely the main character but have YET to find my “happy ending”.

This is something about me that I do genuinely love about myself while simultaneously wondering why why why did you have to “love” that person?! (Haha!)I always told people how I felt I never held back Travels to different states, moved to different cities, in hopes of a “forever love”. Needless to say I’ve had ALOT of heartbreak

Like most people whether they say it or not, I love deeply.

So what have I learned?

I still have no regrets. I know how it all “would have worked out” because I was bold in love, brave in love. I learned that no matter what society wants you to believe, what social media wants you to believe, what the patriarchy, what Disney movies want you to believe-

you can NOT make someone love you

You can NOT love someone INTO loving you back

You can NOT put your value or worth in a relationship

You can NOT action your way into a healthy relationship

Relationships are like life, they are 50% comfortable emotions and 50% uncomfortable emotions.

You don’t cause their feelings and they don’t cause yours. Your thoughts create your feelings and their thoughts create their feelings.

Having a manual for how others should respond to you, love you, show you love is not helpful and doesn’t serve you or the relationship Insecure attachment is REAL, learning how your nervous response system reacts to different feelings is HUGE in learning how to effectively communicate inside of a relationship and in FEELING a good enough to be loved. I have been intentionally not pursuing love for the past two years to heal from a deep heartbreak BUT now I am ready to be bold and brave in love again!

I want to teach you all the secrets I have learned about how to take back my brain from insecure attachment traits! So look below for my invitations to work with me.



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