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Feeling the Feels

Do you ever just wake up feeling blah, your fuse is short, your mood is “off”, and everything just E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G makes you feel overwhelmed, annoyed, or frustrated?

You can feel your body is on the edge, you can feel your anxiety, you can feel your heart beating a little bit quicker, you’re not at baseline, you find yourself a little heated and with every little thing, it sets you off base more, heart starts racing, breathing quickens or gets shallow…

Then your brain starts it’s narrative, you shouldn’t be so annoyed, you have no patience, you should have patience, this is too much, this is too hard


This is when we TALK back to our brain with LOVE!

Amber you are human, living this human experience, you do NOT always need to be happy, peaceful, positive, you’re allowed to feel annoyed, overwhelmed …

Take some deep breaths, don’t like the way your body is feeling? That’s okay too, these are uncomfortable emotions that sometimes trigger our nervous response system, so you can also take care of your body needs.

Drink some ice cold water, turn on your favorite music, and breathe 🧘‍♀️ and talk back to yourself lovingly.

These feelings, these sensations are apart of the human experience and it doesn’t mean anything has gone wrong, even though it FEELS alike something has, it hasn’t we just have to practice feeling these sensations and allowing them. Next talk lovingly to yourself ❤️



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