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Last weekend I went to LCS ( The Life Coach School) Mastermind 2022. This is a badass conference for Life Coaches from LCS. When I was debating if I was going to go to the Mastermind, if I was going to book a flight to Austin, Tx (from California) and arrange childcare for my children, I kept having this thought "I need to be in a room with these people."

So I decided I was going to go and I was going to do whatever it took to get there, even if I had to go alone. Then on a whim, I texted my sister Jessica, "Hey so there is this conference in Austin, TX I really want to attend, do you want to go with me?" She said " Let me talk to Jake but it sounds fun".... next "I'm in Jake just has to check his calendar!" (Jake is her husband) Just like that we were of making plans for our trip.

Let me tell you about the people that you keep in your circle, make sure they are like my Sister(s) ( TRUST my other sisters would have gone in a heartbeat too if they could.) My sisters have my back, they have faith in my dreams, sometimes even before I fully do, they think I am CRAZY, BUT they always support me, my path and my dreams. I am not a straight and narrow, follow the path person, even though I've tried... haha.. My family has always said "When Amber makes up her mind, then she's made up her mind". They don't let me get stuck in my brain. I hear their words, and I use it as confidence to talk back to my brain that wants me to doubt my capabilities and hold me back, They are always there for me.

It is their love for me, their belief in me, that helps me talk back to my brain when it whispers all my self doubt. It is their support for me that allows me to have the determination to keep pushing through my brain's insecure chatter.

Before thought work and finding self coaching, I knew my sisters "supported me" BUT I thought they were "judging" me way more than supporting me. Now I know, I was projecting my insecure thoughts and self criticism back onto me, but saying "they were doing it" when really it was my insecure. critical thoughts I had about myself.

I finally have the relationships that I have always wanted with my sisters, because I can now manage my mind, own my thoughts and own my feelings. Thought work has brought me emotionally, and mentally closer to my sisters, and for that I will forever be grateful.

Thought work has given me the opportunity to be closer to the most important people in my life. It allowed me to see that what I thought other people were "thinking about me" or how they were "judging me" was really how I was judging myself. It has allowed me to take ownership for my thoughts and my feelings, and allowed me to be more open and honest in my relationships with family and friends. Giving me space to really see how much they really love and believe in me. Giving me space to see that my brain was what was holding me back and creating so much self doubt, in the disguise of "other people's thoughts and opinions of me"

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