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Dear Ladies,

This month I am focused on shifting my mindset, so on Sunday I chose my focus mindset focus: This May I am focusing on Massive Action is a Mindset.

To hold myself accountable and to share this process I came up with Mindset Monday, for my fun-loving, chaotic brain Monday is the perfect day to begin practicing a new Mindset Shift. BUT also note, you don't have to wait until Monday you can start today!

On Sunday I chose my focus: Massive Action Mindset. I have two areas of Massive Action: my health goal and my business goal.

The Massive Action on my health goal looks like going grocery shopping, prepping lunch and snacks in advance, eating my prep lunches and going on walks/ hikes.

The Massive Action on my business goal looks like writing weekly emails, blogging regularly, and creating a weekly podcast.

Current thoughts:

I just like to eat sweets.

I can't help myself, they brought donuts.

I'd rather watch this movie with my daughter.

I don't know what to email.

I don't know what my clients want to hear

Massive Action thoughts such as:

I decide when I want to eat sweets, I put in in the plan.

I am in control of my actions.

I follow my plan.

I created my schedule that creates the results I want.

I follow my plan even when my brain offers me other things to do.

I can create content at any time.

I know what my clients need to hear.

Massive Action is taking consistent action towards my goals: Health Goal & Business Goal. In order to take consistent action towards my goal I have to learn to develop a belief that allows me to I can take the actions towards my goals, even when I don't feel like it. In order to take consistent action I have to develop the belief that I am a planner, that I can follow my schedule and that I keep promises to myself.



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